Many of my clients are happily surprised to find their visits covered by their health insurance. Scroll to the bottom of this page to book your visit online today.

HEALTH INSURANCE                       

All Foods Nutrition accepts reimbursement from the following health insurance companies.

- Blue Cross Blue Shield

- Tufts

- United

- Cigna, GWH-Cigna

- Harvard Pilgrim

- Neighborhood Health Plan

- American Specialty Health (RI: Coventry, Providence, PEBB, PEBTF. MA: Anthem Blue Cross, Empire, Fallon, Harrington, Innovation Health, PEBTF, PG&E, Providence)

What does my insurance cover?

To find out, you can call the phone number listed on the back of your insurance card. The questions below will help you get the important information:

• I was diagnosed with XXX, will that be covered? OR Do you cover nutrition counseling as a preventive benefit?

• Do I need a referral? If yes, does it need to be from my primary care provider or can any doctor refer?

• How many visits will you cover and over what period of time?

• Will I have a deductible?

• Will there be a co-pay?


If we do not accept your health insurance, if your health insurance company does not cover nutrition, or if you prefer to pay out of pocket, the payment options below are available.

$140 per hour



New Client

3 SESSIONS: $350 (one initial visit & two follow-up visits) 

5 SESSIONS: $495 (one initial visit & four follow-up visits)

STUDENT RATE: (with valid ID) 3 session package: $300 (one initial visit & two follow-up visits)


3 SESSIONS $300               5 SESSIONS $450

Your first visit with All Foods Nutrition is always 90 minutes so the nutritionist can get to know you and you can get to know her. Following sessions are 60 minutes.